Creating an estate plan doesn't have to be a "doom and gloom" event! Let me help you craft an estate plan that protects your property and your family.

Without an estate plan, the State of Indiana will determine who receives your property, or worse, custody of your children. Creating an estate plan is easy, and contrary to popular belief, won't hasten your death! Contact me today for help with wills, trusts, guardianships, health care directives, and the administration of probate estates.  

What will happen to your property when you pass? Well, it depends. If you have a properly executed will and trust, your assets will go to whomever you choose, without the need for a court's involvement. 

But if you've done nothing and you die "intestate" (without a will), the State of Indiana will create a will for you . . . often with chaotic results.  

Under Indiana's intestacy laws, your property will be given to your relatives according to a "one-size fits all" formula. The formula does not take into account the nature of your relationship with your family members. Thus, your estranged half-brother--or even your ex-spouse from a marriage 20 years ago--could receive your assets. Or even your firearms! This is to say nothing of the numerous administrative issues that accompany death, such as the payment of estate taxes, transfer of title and possession, funeral expenses, and so on.  Perhaps most important is the issue of minor children. If you pass without a will and are survived by minor children, the court may be forced to appoint a guardian to care for them.

Another closely related issue is incapacity. What will happen if you are seriously injured and unable to communicate with your family or doctors (remember the Terri Schiavo case?)? Fortunately, these heart-wrenching decisions can be avoided through the use of an advance healthcare directive (sometimes referred to as a living will or power of attorney). Nobody enjoys planning for incapacity, but failing to plan can result in catastrophic consequences for the family members and friends of the incapacitated person. 

Do you need a will, trust, or advance directive? I can help you establish a comprehensive estate plan that will avoid the chaos, stress, and expense that results from a lack of planning. Dealing with the hassles of probate or estate administration? I can assist with the probate process. Call or click today to schedule a consultation

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