I'm an elder and special needs law attorney with a passion for helping my clients solve their toughest, meanest, ugliest, and most persistent

legal problems. 


I solve problems that result from one of three things: growing older, having a disability, or dying. These inescapable facts of life can wreak havoc on a family, both emotionally and logistically, because the laws and programs that govern them are so complex. Questions like "How do I apply for Medicaid?" and "Does my child need special education?" and "Who gets the farm when I kick the bucket?!" are questions I love to answer.

My clients are young and old. Some are seniors wanting a "simple"will or trust; some are adult children now caring for their parents, who need help with Medicaid or guardianship law; and some are parents who want to ensure their child with a learning disability or other handicap is receiving an appropriate education, and is appropriately placed, in public school. 

I'm passionate about my work because I genuinely enjoy helping people, I often work with children, and my clients are always in serious need of legal advice. I understand that no one looks forward to hiring an attorney . . . but I like to think that my clients enjoy meeting and working with me. I aim to establish long-term relationships with my clients, and, above all, make the law work for them.





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